Circular Eposed Aggregate Patio

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate can be compared to a piece of granite or marble that is transformed by polishing to give it its rich finish. In this case, a plain, unremarkable surface gets stripped away to reveal the exceptional beauty lying beneath. The aggregates which are really washed river rock become “exposed” as the top layer is “stripped” away to reveal the natural beauty of the many different colors and shapes that the river rock provides. The look is so natural and appealing that an exposed aggregate project will fit in almost anywhere in your landscape.

How often to reapply sealer

We recommend that the sealer be reapplied every two years.  If your exposed aggregate slab does not have the “wet” look anymore and/or appears a little dull and not glossy, then it it time to reapply another coat of sealer.

Exposed Aggregate Enhancements

A exposed aggregate slab is a good mid range option for those customers that are looking for something other than a traditional white concrete slab.  You can further enhance the exposed aggregate slab by adding one of our concrete fire pits and concrete tables.

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