Floating Garage Slab with raised curb wall

Garage Slab Projects

The concrete garage slab is the most walked on piece of concrete that a homeowner has.  It is almost impossible to not use it every day.  It also supports the weight of the second most expensive item(s) a homeowner has, which is their vehicle.  We all know how important the garage is to your lifestyle and we can make that dream garage a reality.  From a top of the line in floor heat garage slab to a detached floating garage slab and everything in between, we can install one for you.

Floating Garage Slabs

A typical detached garage will have a floating garage slab. This is the most common type of slab for a home that was built before 1960. We have done hundreds of these types of garage slabs. They are very economical and generally will last the lifetime of the owner.

Garage Slab Floor Finishes

One of the most important choices you can make is how smooth you would like the surface of the garage slab to be.  Often times you will hear a customer say that they want the surface to be as smooth as possible without thinking of how slippery the surface will be when the concrete is wet  from either rain or snow.  Generally we will finish the surface to have just a slight texture so a person will not fall when the slab is wet, yet still sweep easily using a very fine bristled broom.

Road Salt from Vehicles

During the winter months, it is important to wash away any road salt (either in liquid or granular form) from the surface of your garage slab.  The salt is very corrosive and will eat away at the concrete especially around the concrete joint areas.

Trench Footing Garage Slab

One option that we offer is a garage slab with a trench footing. You may be asking yourself what is that. A trench footing is formed without actual forms by pouring the concrete directly into the trench that has been dug in the ground. In our part of the country, this means that the trench will have a depth of 42″ or greater. The garage slab will lie directly above the trench footing providing a far more stable environment than a traditional floating garage slab. Although this adds some additional cost over the floating slab, the life expectancy of the slab will have more than doubled!

In Floor Heated Garage Floors

If you have never experienced a heated garage slab you truly are missing out, and if you have experienced one, you know that you want one.  You can easily maintain a comfortable warm temperature even in the winter by having a garage slab installed with radiant tubing.  You can open and lower the garage door even in the coldest winter days and the garage will still retain its heat because the heat is retained in the concrete.  If you work on your vehicle, there is nothing like having to work on one with a heated floor.  Give us a call and let us show you how affordable it is.

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