Concrete Saw Cutting

We have a Target walk behind saw with a 18″ diamond saw blade that is capable of sawing concrete to a depth of around 7″. Whether you are looking to cut in a traffic control device or road paving, we are able to come in and do the project for you.

Concrete Planing

Do you have a concrete panel on your city sidewalk that is raised a 1/2″ or less? If so, instead of removing and replacing the concrete panel, grind it instead. Grinding is primarily recommended when your concrete is in good shape but is just raised due to frost or tree roots moving it. Grinding is performed in one day and there is very little disruption of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Concrete Sawing Projects

We offer Commercial sawing services for projects that require a saw cut(s) to install new services.

Service Brochure – Coming Winter 2016


An overview of our Concrete Construction Services from large scale Commercial Paving Projects, Decorative Concrete and Design, Fire Pits, Decorative Concrete Tables, and all kinds of Concrete Flat Work.